About FT Solutions TV Ltd FT Solutions TV Ltd is a small tight knit company based in the South East of England and providing services across the South East and London.

FT Solutions TV Ltd has a wealth of experience, over 35yrs, having seen the change from 405 to 625 television, introduction of colour television, remote controls for TV’s, Betamax and VCR’s, telex, the introduction of Ch4 and Ch5, Sky satellite television, the birth and death of BSB and the switch from analogue to digital television.

We have been part of the past and look forward to being part of the future. We love the exiting changes that are coming and work hard to ensure that our customers get the best from our vast experience, knowledge and abilities.

We are proud members of Checkatrade and you can see our review page at www.checkatrade.com/ftsolutions


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