New Installations



Communal Systems

FT Solutions offers a range of communal aerial and satellite systems. We can supply and install singular or combined systems for property maintenance companies, managing agents and construction firms, or directly to hotels, public houses, gyms, schools, hospitals, blocks of flats and more.


FT Solutions can supply and install Integrated Reception System (IRS). IRS networks can supply satellite, television and radio signals down a single cable. As a communal system, IRS can be tailored to individual users’ needs. For example, residents in a block of flats can choose to receive services such as Freeview, Freesat, Sky and European satellite television.

New Homes

FT Solutions can supply and install aerial and satellite systems in new homes, working with builders or developers in flat or housing developments. We can also install bespoke aerial and satellite systems for individual building projects.

Fibre Optics

Fibre optic television is the future of communal television and satellite systems. Fibre optic TV lets you enjoy high-quality digital pictures and sound without the need for co-axial cables. Fibre optic systems can do all a co-axial system can do but with reduced materials and great savings on installation cost. We can supply and install everything you need to receive Fibre Optic TV.

Satellite Broadband

Fast internet is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity for both homes and businesses. Conventional broadband services don’t service all locations, being limited by distance from local telephone exchanges or junction cabinets. Satellite broadband does not suffer from these problems. Satellite broadband can work anywhere, with a clear view of the southern sky. FT Solutions TV Ltd can supply and install Satellite Broadband and provide WiFi networks.


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